Our Role

Respiratory therapists are clinicians trained in establishing and maintaining advanced airways and arterial vascular access as well as in managing life support for critically ill patients.  Respiratory Therapists may assist with anesthesia procedural sedation, and administer medical gases for the treatment of lung disorders.  We assist in the stabilization, treatment and management of patients for hospital-to-hospital transport by air or ground ambulance.  We teach, work in home care, in pulmonary diagnostic clinics, sleep-disorder laboratories, asthma and COPD clinics, medical equipment sales and services, and conduct research.  We also serve as clinical providers in cardiology clinics and cath-labs.

As Respiratory Therapists we have the unique opportunity to be a vital part of the varied Providence Health Care spectrum.  In addition to the work we do within Providence Health Care, our Respiratory Therapists periodically provide consultation to rural hospitals and clinics in Northern Canada. The Respiratory Therapists at St. Paul’s have also been a part of transport teams that transfer clients nationally and internationally.  We also participate in multinational research projects. Providence Health Care is an exciting place to work and provides a challenging setting for any Respiratory Therapist.

Our work environment is dynamic and our experiences are diverse.  Respiratory Therapists provide patient and family centred health care to a vast range of clients from neonates to the geriatric population.  We also collaborate with client’s multidisciplinary healthcare teams and community supports to expedite and improve successful transition from hospital to home. We work in Critical Care, Acute Care and Diagnostics as well as in the areas of Research and Education.